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Renovation Project: PT Virama Karya (Persero)

At this beginning of September, we are delighted to announce our latest upcoming interior project, an office renovation plan for PT Virama Karya (Persero), a government-owned engineering and management consultancy. ALIEN DC was approved to be both the design and construction consultant and contractor, and the development has begun since the end of August.

This renovation is a way of rejuvenating the company office in Jakarta, into a more efficient, collaboration-friendly, and youthful workspace which will smoothen the workflow and nurture the productivity of the employees. A workplace that brings people together with new normal protocol, healthy environment, engaging, accessible, provide choices and control, customer-centric, and supportive to sustainable growth, which also promotes a positive attitude.

For the design approach, we took inspiration from industrial design and the enlightening design aesthetic of the well-known Japanese retail company, MUJI. It results in the dominance of natural and solid-looking materials such as concrete and oak wood, intertwining with the combination of neutral colors – as well as the touches of blue, the company color, as the accent. It also means to symbolize the solid and collaborative nature of the company. See more 3D sneak peek by sliding the pictures below.

As for the practical measures for a healthy office, we apply spots of natural greeneries in every section and corner of the office, optimize as much as natural light possible to enter the workspace, designate flexible seating plans to encourage movements, and also make sure the workspace, as well as the meeting rooms, are complemented with sufficient connectivity and technology.

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