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Project Highlight: Confidential Residence

Project: Residence (Confidential) Location: Jakarta⁠ | Year: 20201 Status: Completed⁠ | Design by ALIEN DC Recently, our Interior Design team completed a project to design a residential unit that requires many spaces for formal meetings and gatherings. Therefore, almost all the public areas are provided with extra seatings, with an addition of a designated meeting room for more private discussions.

The resident's preference of classic styled interior was taken seriously as our design team synthesized it with touches of subtle modernism, such as in lighting design, color selections, and loose furniture designs. The main wall color that was selected was pale dusty rose that gives the house an overall atmosphere of serenity and warm freshness.

With a generous amount of space, we also made sure that all areas have access to large openings for natural light, not only it adds as an aesthetic point, it also contributes for the residence's energy efficiency.

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