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Project Highlight: Confidential Residence

Project: Residence (Confidential) Location: Jakarta⁠ | Year: 2020 Status: Completed⁠ | Design by ALIEN DC

Another highlight on one of our residential design projects in the past two years, and also another residential home made for not only daily activities, but also formal and official enquiries. This type of home requires extra attention to details, from the aesthetic and functional points of design, materials, to the decorative accessories.

As seen in the pictures, this house is a place where classic elegance meets Indonesia's cultural heritage. We can observe how the items like the abstract-patterned rugs, and contemporary lightings showcased side-by-side with Indonesian tenun fabrics, kawung patterned dividers, even the use of exposed red bricks that could take our minds to its implementation as the building blocks in the temples in Bali. It can be quite tricky to define this house as 'modern' or 'eclectic' only, as it is a harmonization of both styles.

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