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Project Highlight: Ercilla Show Unit, Suvarna Sutera

Project: Ercilla Show Unit, Suvarna Sutera⁠ Location: Tangerang, Banten⁠ | Year: 2019⁠ Status: Completed⁠ | Interior design by ALIEN DC

After filling up our newsletter editions with only workplace projects of ours, we decided to also showcase our interior projects for residential show units. One of them is this Ercilla Show Unit for Eldora Cluster in Suvarna Sutera.

The design concept that we used for the design is 'Tropical Contemporary'. It shows the impression of the natural, tropical, and warm atmosphere of a home. Natural colors like white and ash with fused wood accents are applied to this concept as well as the biophilic touch of greeneries.

As for the materials, aside from the wooden elements, monochrome-colored fabrics are used for the upholsteries, and white marble for floorings and countertops to add a sense of luxury to space. The roominess is also enhanced by large wall decors of abstract paintings and geometrical patterns.

We created the design by visualizing ourselves as the house residents as well as its future visitors - where we expect to feel comfortable, homey, and warm to be inside the house, and also be visually pleased by the thoughtful interior arrangements.

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