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The 5 Free Apps to Boost Productivity and Collaborative Teamwork

Whether we realize it or not, we have been adapting to the hybrid working culture now that the pandemic is more than one year old. Having a sudden meeting is not so irritating anymore knowing that we can simply do it from our kitchen table, and having a virtual co-worker due to the fact that they joined the team in the midst of pandemic so we haven't got the chance to meet them yet is another new norm. However, this new, remote, virtual, flexible stuff would not be something that is all sunshine and rainbows - managing projects, as well as an invisible team, is difficult - without the help of some productivity apps and software.

We listed five of the countless productivity apps and software in the store, which is free and user-friendly. By simply downloading and using them, we could minimize distraction at home, maximize our working hour window, interact with co-workers both professionally and casually, sharing project files seamlessly, et cetera. With Slack having the feature to connect other productivity apps to their service also makes the opportunity to optimize your remote collaboration is endless.

What apps or software that your team usually use to communicate and collaborate? #LearnWithALIEN


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