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  • ALIEN Design Consultant

Completed: GESITS Flagship Showroom, Jakarta

Located in the heart of South Jakarta, Gesits Showroom has been standing bright and polished, ever since the construction process was completed just recently. We have mentioned in our earlier issue in August 2020 where this project was still under construction, how this showroom is thoughtfully designed with the brand identity and philosophy in mind.

The honor to design the first flagship showroom for Indonesia's first own electric-motorcycle brand made this project beyond important to us, as it also allowed us to indirectly supporting a national innovative asset through its representation as a showroom.

The showroom consists of the reception area, charging dock, coffee corner, showroom area, customer service area, meeting room, service center, and outdoor community lounge.

In the designing process, we don't only vision this Gesits Flagship Showroom to be a place for customers to make transactions, but also a place where the Gesits riders community could feel at home and grow a network by interacting with both the Gesits representatives as well as with each other. We also take serious concerns in making sure the end result was completed with not only pleasant aesthetics but also premium quality of material and finishings. For information regarding transforming your company and its values into the form of a professionally well-designed office or commercial place, contact us directly through the e-mail address


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