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Completed Project: BUMN Center, Jakarta

At the end of last year, ALIEN DC in supporting PT Wika had just recently completed an interior design project for BUMN Center in Central Jakarta. ALIEN DC contributed to the project by providing the design that meets the BUMN values of professionalism, transparency, and fairness, and of course the office's functionality with the latest touch of sophistication and comfortability.

The interior is dominated by neutral colours such as white, grey, brown from wooden textures, and also some splashes of blue as a popping accent. However, we made sure that despite the neutral tone, the overall look of the interior is full of dynamism and a sheer vibe of flexibility. Smooth and modern lines are also an essential element that can be found throughout the office, which also plays the role of enhancing the office with a futuristic touch.

One of the interesting parts of this office interior is an open area where a conference room, breakout area, pantry, and lounging area are placed in one space seamlessly. And surely, they are not placed there without considerations - we put our best effort in giving the conference room with sufficient privacy, connectivity, and quietness that is required to support efficient and effective discussions through the use of partition that is also mounted with the screen for virtual calls and presentations. In the design process, our aim is to create an office that does not only fit the technical purpose and functionalities but also to make it the most comfortable for the people working in it that it would trigger and nurture more healthy productivity and creative collaborations and help the institution achieve its goals in the best way possible. It can be seen through the materials used for the upholsteries, space layout, lighting, as well as the installation of quality works of art as a decorative element.

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