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Completed Project: Mazhoji Show Unit at Margonda

Project: Mazhoji Show Unit, Margonda Location: Depok, Jawa Barat⁠ | Year: 20121 Status: Completed⁠ | Interior design by ALIEN DC

This design project was begun by taking inspiration from Kenshō, a Japanese zen tradition about the essential way of living. It also relates to the basic principles of minimal living, which involves decluttering, organizing, and transforming a space to its maximum functional capabilities by having as small a number of things as possible at home.

It then led to a final design with the use of materials with oak patterns, neutral colors, and simple lines that gives a serene feeling to whoever enters the room. Although the space is limited, the interior allows the space to fit everything we need to live a comfortable and efficient daily life.

Our team worked on two types of show units for this project. The first one is a 2-bedroom apartment, and the second one is a studio apartment. Not only we applied the Japanese zen interior theme as an aesthetic approach to the show units, but also we utilized it to maximize the function in the small space. For example, in the studio apartment, we created a multifunctional area that can work as a dining and study space when the wall cabinet is closed, and a cozy bedroom when the wall cabinet is opened. However, aesthetically, we did not apply the design approach in a classic way that would make the apartment feels like a traditional Japanese residence - but we also combined it with a contemporary touch, such as the use of arch shape for the furniture and cabinets. Through this well-thought design approach, we visioned so that the people who visit the show units will feel at home the second they enter the area.

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