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Completed Project: Parekfraf Co-working Office

Project: Coworking Space at The Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of Indonesia Location: Jakarta | Year: 2020 Status: Completed⁠ | Design by ALIEN DC

At least in the past 10 years, Indonesia has been showing extra attention to the growth of its tourism and creative economy industry, including the rise of small businesses and enterprises among the Indonesian youth. One of the ways to show its support is through providing facilities, both technical and funding opportunities - and as for technical, an example is the development of a designated co-working space at the ministry that we recently completed.

The project involves the design treatment for several areas, including a meeting room for around 20 attendees, a seamless pantry and breakout area, individual workstations, co-working rooms, and a multifunctional lounge area with audio-visual facilities. Every part of this coworking space is connected without closed doors except for the large meeting room, which reflects the fluidity of movement and flexibility in terms of area function.

As for the design elements, we applied the classic wooden pattern that has been used across the ministry, combined with earthy colors and vibrant accents of red and blue. We also made sure that there is a harmonious synergy between the natural light and electrical lighting installation that would make the coworking space feel energizingly bright yet refreshing without unnecessary energy waste.

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