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Project Highlight: AEON Credit Service Office, Jakarta

Project: AEON Credit Service Office⁠ Location: Jakarta⁠ | Year: 2020⁠ Status: Under construction⁠ | Design by ALIEN DC

A project soon to be completed, the AEON Credit Service Office in Jakarta is a type of office that might resemble the atmosphere it usually delivers through its commercial buildings - bright, industrial, with a touch of vibrant colors and fluid shapes.

Although it is a contrast to the function it serves through the AEON commercial buildings, we aimed to give the team members at AEON Credit Service a quite similar, familiar refreshing feeling while they are working to achieve their best results.

The area size for this office which interior was designed by the ALIEN DC team is quite large, mostly dominated by its workstation areas. Other areas including small and big meeting rooms, breakout space, pantry, dining area, prayer room (musholla), nursery, storage, copier, and co-working area, and also the president director's office.

The industrial theme at AEON is always infused with Japanese minimal and zen design style, combining natural elements such as wooden and stone/concrete texture with greeneries installed in scattered spots across the office. This surely adds to the basic design approach that wanted to enhance the playful and freshened feelings with the use of colors and shapes while keeping things professional at the same time.

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