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Project Highlight: Home Credit Indonesia Office, Jakarta

Project: HCI Office⁠ | Client: PT Home Credit Indonesia⁠ Location: Jakarta⁠ | Year: 2019⁠ Area: 4.665 sqm⁠ | Status: completed⁠ Design by ALIEN DC

In this issue, we would like to highlight one of our most interesting office interior project in 2019, the office of Home Credit Indonesia in Jakarta. Where a workplace is a dynamic playground for the creative minds, where soothing monochromatic tones and textures are splashed with blobs of bold colors of energy and productivity. At a glance we can already see how the HCI office is filled with combination of texture and facade, as well as the aforementioned vibrant colors on top of the neutral ones. Our team was given a freedom in letting out their creative ideas to play with the design, hence the playful, cozy-looking, yet sleek and contemporary end result.

Every corner and space in the HCI office can look very different compared from one to another, yet is still infused with the same colour scheme and material selections which keeps them harmonious in long-shot.⁠ From entrance to breakout area, between workstations and the dining hall, down the meeting pods up to the conference room.

Not only in the structures and textures, but all kinds of shapes were put into play as well on the two-dimensional use of patterns and the loose furniture. You can almost find all the basic geometric elements across the HCI office, from the triangle-patterned monochromatic rug to the square and circle shaped lightings.

Although only through several pictures out of many, we could already conclude that the design for HCI office truly resembles what might be an ideal office that have a sense of work-play balance, that is not only visually pleasant, but also checking off the lists of what it takes to be a modern office that meet all the employees' needs.

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