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Project Highlight: Softex Office, Jakarta

When talking about comfort, dynamism, and pattern, we would be constantly reminded of a past project of ours back in around 2018, the Softex office in Jakarta. We were given the opportunity to design its dining area, breakout space, meeting room, as well as workstations.

Our first impression of the Softex brand was its versatile youthfulness. Regardless of its seniority in its field, Softex is one of those companies that has been maintaining its brand image very well, that it is in the market long enough for people to use its brand name as a common noun, yet it is still as relevant even to its younger generation of customers. This perception then led us to come up with an interior that is filled with vibrant playfulness through the exploration of colors and shapes, yet neatly ordered at the same time.

We also tried to achieve dynamism by placing contrasting materials and patterns side by side across the interior. For example, the use of monochromatic, concrete-like tiles that represents a cold and neutral feeling, with the warmth that wooden-textured flooring produces.

As seen in the pictures, the presence of synthetic grass as a decorative element on the wall and floor, as well as the rattan ceiling lampshades, also contributed to giving the office a refreshing tropical vibe. To top it off, making sure every area to have enough sunlight was also one of our priority which is not only functionally beneficial but also aesthetically complimentary.

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17 Ιουλ 2023

The dining room is an elegant space, with a large wooden table, stylish chairs, and a statement chandelier overhead. It sets the stage for memorable meals and gatherings with loved ones.

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