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#WorksOfALIEN: PT TASPEN (Persero), 4th Floor

Project: PT TASPEN Office⁠ | Client: PT TASPEN (PERSERO) Location: Jakarta⁠ | Year: 2020 Status: Under Construction | Design by ALIEN DC A project that had started in July 2020, this office interior project for PT TASPEN (PERSERO) is now recently completed. However, before we share the end results most possibly in the next issues, we would like to share the 3D rendered looks for us to furtherly talk about the design approach for the project.

The inspiration was first taken from the time we learned about the company's vision and missions. PT TASPEN (PERSERO)'s vision is to become a social security company on an international scale for the welfare of its members and to support Indonesia's development in an innovative and sustainable manner. To achieve it, they elaborate their missions in regards to technology-based premium service, providing the members with beneficial programs, managing investments with optimized results, as well as developing competitive human resources with integrity and professionalism.

From there on, we highlighted the terms 'professional', 'integrity', 'competitive', 'innovative', and 'development' to begin our design brainstorm. We wanted to facilitate the employees in maximizing their focus and potentials to amplify innovation, strengthen their teamwork through people empowerment, and making the social environment flow dynamically in the office.

The micro concept which then led us to the visual cues or design elements for the interior was broken down into a few key points, extracted from the company's logo philosophy and symbolisms. Hence in the design, we see the use of leaves-shaped ornaments in the wall arts, representing growth and strong foundation of a sturdy tree, with the color scheme consisting of blue (comfort, calm), golden yellow (prosperity, glory), and dark blue (honor, trustworthiness) with a monochromatic palette as the base.

The area that we designed includes the reception, main coworking space, conference rooms, as well as the commissioners' and directors' offices. As seen in the picture, the design reflects an elegant and contemporary atmosphere, with a sleek yet warm look. The combination of shapes, linings, and materials used across the interior also enhance the dynamism throughout the office. For information regarding transforming your company and its values into the form of a professionally well-designed office, contact us directly through the e-mail address

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