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#5YearsOfALIENDC: Our Fifth Year At The Outer Space

Today, March 18th 2021, Indonesia is appreciating the works of its architects from time to time through the National Architecture’s Day, or, in Bahasa Indonesia, Hari Arsitektur Indonesia. While us, ALIEN DC, is celebrating the day with pride to be a part of Indonesia's architecture industry, the date March 18th has also another extraordinary meaning for us. Five years ago, on the same date - yet without knowing that it was such an important date for all Indonesian architects - ALIEN DC was born.

Five years is still seen as a short time for an architecture firm. However, we always made sure from day to day, that we do not take the grace of time for granted. Our family in ALIEN DC has always built the best teamwork we could ever do together to make our common vision a reality: to build the future of and grow along with our beloved nation, Indonesia. We believe that through architecture, we could contribute to answering many questions that this nation has been longing for, connecting space to another so it could synchronize in harmony, and providing function along with beauty to cater to the needs of the people.

Of course, these five years of struggle and contentment will never happen nor continue without the constant effort and support from our team members, friends, families, partners, and clients - hence, we would like to express our utmost appreciation and gratitude. We hope that while we are growing, we will keep on learning to be better and to create more meaningful projects both in Indonesia and the world.

Scroll down to see the highlight of our journey each year, from 2016 to 2021. Thank you for growing with ALIEN DC.


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