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#ALIENStaffPicks: 4 Inspiring Heritage Buildings In Bandung

In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to #ALIENStaffPicks, one of our features that are usually posted on our social media accounts. In this issue, Gaff Hasan, a junior architect in our team, is inviting you to learn about getting design inspirations through travel and photography.

He explained that inspiration in designing a building can be obtained from all kinds of sources, but for him, the most principal thing in looking for inspiration is through the experience of space. By directly visiting a location or site, it can provide an architectural experience that is difficult to obtain just from looking at its pictures.

In Bandung, many Dutch heritage buildings already stand for more than 50 years old, even nearly 100 years old. These buildings have an architectural style that is still relevant today and have also become tourism objects as well as the symbols of the city of Bandung itself. These buildings are evidence of history from the past, which will also be a part of the future.

"Being able to design a building that everyone can enjoy, and is also timeless, is one of the values ​​I strive to achieve in Alien DC.", Gaff stated.


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