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  • ALIEN Design Consultant

Applying inclusivity in workplace design

As the world is evolving day by day, we have learned quite very well about how important it is to consider the approach of inclusive design in office interior - where we also put thoughts in supporting people with all abilities and health conditions to move comfortably in the office without them having to make a special request to anybody. On top of supporting inclusivity and diversity in the office, post-pandemic, many of the design elements for an office with considerate accessibilities will also be beneficial in maintaining health protocol, such as the use of closed-fist friendly door handles that minimize direct contact with the palm.

These are not only essential in terms of movement flexibility in the interior, but will also be beneficial to enhancing the company’s workforce, as the skills and talents of their employees would flourish despite special conditions. As we also learn that the term ‘disabilities’ does not necessarily mean ‘wheelchair’ - it can be an impairment that is not visually significant, it can be in the mental health or learning disabilities spectrum, it can be temporary, and it can happen to any employee without us noticing it.

See the images in the slideshow below to see how we can imply more accessibilities in a workplace design. #LearnWithALIEN


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