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#AtTheOuterSpace: ALIEN DC Office, Jakarta

As we experienced 2020 as a unique year for a lot of people, we have also witnessed how office activities across the world have come to a change. Offices have become quieter, as more people are working remotely from their homes due to the pandemic. It also happened to our headquarter, which we usually call 'The Outer Space'. Being hopeful for a come-back this year, we felt like taking you to see a quick glance of our office.

A year after our establishment in 2016, we moved from our West Jakarta office to this one in Menara 165, South Jakarta. Hence, it was our second home, yet it was the first one that we specifically designed to meet our needs and ALIEN DC's company culture.

From a design perspective, it is quite obvious that we applied a futuristic and minimalist approach for our office to meet the brand identity and image of ALIEN DC. It can be seen through the use of asymmetric, geometric lines in the ceilings facade, and the selections of loose furniture.

A touch of a contemporarily industrial design theme was also infused into the design. We use exposed ceilings to keep our office spacious, and a combination of wooden and concrete-texture floorings to managing the balance of sleekness and warmth throughout the office. Carpet floorings, although unseen in the pictures, are also used in the workstation area, not only does it add comfort, but also it helps in insulating noise for a more serene environment.

As seen in the pictures that are taken before the pandemic, it helped in boosting our motivation and productivity to work in The Outer Space with our colleagues, where we could interact directly, to discuss, execute, and evaluate ideas together. Although the future is uncertain, we keep on being hopeful for the days in the office where we could work without any worries to come back anytime sooner - and we look forward to meeting you there, too.

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