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Completed Project: AEON Credit Services, Jakarta

Project: AEON Credit Service Office⁠ Location: Jakarta⁠ | Year: 2020⁠ Status: Completed⁠ | Design by @alien.dc

AEON Credit Sevice is a part of AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd under AEON Co., Ltd. from Japan that had operated in Indonesia for many years. It was established in 2006 with its headquarter located in Kuningan area, South Jakarta, Indonesia. AEON Credit Service provides financial solutions such as credit services, banking, e-money, and financial consulting for its customers. Our team at ALIEN DC is glad to be chosen as the interior design partner for the office of AEON Credit Service. A large area that includes many spots for workstations, meeting rooms, and facilities such as a praying room and nursery, has its own challenge to design as we have to balance between construction efficiency as well as space dynamics.

We use the minimal and contemporary design approach that mainly uses neutral bright colors such as white and light grey, as well as wooden textures that vary in shades, but dominant in light oak to make the workstations more spacious, as the building has quite a low ceiling to begin with that might limit our view throughout the whole area. AEON Credit Service's key colors, purple and yellow, are also used as accents, with their correlated tones like orange and blue.

Although the workstations area, and other public areas like pantry, dining, and breakout area, looks more vibrant in color, we intentionally make the meeting rooms dipped in monochrome shades of gray. Small spaces such as the entrance corridor and praying room, meanwhile, applies the Japanese zen theme that only require neutral-looking elements like the light oak texture, grey to represent stone, and touches of greeneries to freshen things up.

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