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Completed Project: Seven Event Office, Jakarta

Project: Seven Event Organizer⁠ | Location: Jakarta⁠ Year: 2020⁠ | Status: Completed

Area: 191 sqm | Design by ALIEN DC

One of our latest completed office design project, Seven Event Organizer. Seven Event is an event organizer that focuses on the automotive sector. To date, Seven Event have managed to host more than 250 exhibitors and 460 thousand visitors. Their main company colors consist of the gradients across red and blue, involving shades of orange, yellow, and also purple. We used these color selections obviously as the accent through the loose furniture, in this case, the working chairs. A contrasting element to the neutral, industrial-themed designed space.

This open-plan office is divided into four main areas: hotdesk area, directors' cubicles, brainstorming area, and pantry or breakout area. This type of layout will allow the employees to dynamically interact with each other with more time and space efficiency. The distance between workstation tables is designed to make more space for movement - and this office also benefits from its window-facing position that allows sufficient sunlight to enter the office to enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of the people inside.

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