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Completed Project: Taspen Office, Jakarta

Project: PT TASPEN⁠ Office⁠ Location: Jakarta⁠ | Year: 2020⁠ Status: Completed⁠ | Design by @alien.dc

A few months ago, we have just completed our interior design and build work for PT Taspen (Persero), which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dominated by the neutral shades of white, black, and grey, and splashed with bright blue and yellow as the company colors, this contemporarily classic styled office was finally ready to provide its employees with not only fine visuals but also thoughtful facilities. To imply dynamism and order at the same time, our team made sure that we do not abide only by symmetry, but we should also apply asymmetry across the design - and that they both should be able to be showcased side by side, seamlessly, that the spaces would feel lively yet organized.

Any employee or visitor who walks into the office might feel like they are strolling across a huge mood board - due to the consistency we keep in all rooms of the office. The application of colors, textures, shapes, even materials, are scattered with considerations, and of course, different portions for each area.

However, we thoughtfully arrange the color schemes and shapes according to the space function too. For example, in meeting and conference rooms that might need more focus and fewer distractions, we only use give the yellow color accent through warm-toned lighting and touches of gold layers on furniture, then leave the rest of the interior in monochromatic colors with different textures.

It's been more than a year since our nation has to deal with the pandemic, so it is not a new thing anymore that we have to put health considerations into our designs. We tried to achieve it through the reinforcement of physical distancing, where we arranged all areas to have more white space for people to move around without having to bump into each other, such as the bigger distance from one desk to another, or the lounge with scattered seatings. Larger whitespaces also add an aesthetic point to the modern interior design approach.

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