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What does a healthy office would look like?

The New Normal has been operating for quite a while now, and companies are struggling to get back on their feet slowly while trying to make sure their employees' safety. But, have your company take this matter into account?

Looking at the current situation where the pandemic still takes time to completely vanish, it will be ideal for employees to work from their homes - but the reality is, it is undeniably difficult to have all the employees work from home. However, it is still possible for the company to take the employees' health and safety into account. It can be through new technical measures in the office, adjustments in the working cycle and system, or applying the concept of the New Normal onto the office interior.

A well-designed office that considers not only the workflow efficiency but also the wellbeing of employees will assure the employees that their companies care about them and putting serious concerns about their health. It will make them feel safer and more comfortable working in the workplace, which will then lead to an increase in productivity.

According to Tracey Sawyer, as we cited from the article ‘Office Design that Promotes A Healthy Work Environment’ on July 6th, 2020, it is important to take measures on how our office is supporting the health of the employees amidst this pandemic - and it does not always require a total renovation. Small measures such as completing the tech equipment, installing more live plants, allowing more sunlight in, and encourage employees to work and move flexibly could make a whole lot different to the corporate culture and health afterward.

Slide the pictures in the gallery above to see the examples of our past works that already incorporated the basic measures of a healthy office, and read the full article here . #LearnWithALIEN#WhatsUpALIEN


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