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  • ALIEN Design Consultant

GESITS Flagship Showroom

Project: Gesits Flagship Showroom⁠

Client: Gesits Indonesia⁠

Area: 111 sqm⁠

Year: 2020⁠

Status: In progress⁠

Designed by ALIEN DC⁠

It's Indonesia's 75th year of Independence commemoration, we figure it's the right moment to share a 3D sneak peek on one of the #workinprogress of ours. ⁠We are proud to be a part of a revolutionary local brand like Gesits Indonesia - the first Indonesian-made electric motorcycle, that is well-known to be acknowledged by Mr. President Joko Widodo himself. This Gesits Flagship Showroom was designed with careful considerations on the brand identity as well as the philosophy. The design concept was developed with three main aspects, which was futuristic, simplicity, and sustainable. 

The key design approach we use as we started working on this project involves several key points such as pioneer, innovation, sustainable, connectivity, clean design, effortless, and Indonesian heritage. The use of neon luminosity in the lighting part was decided to represent the perception of glowing, future, possibility, and perfection, which is significant in Gesits' brand profile. The other aesthetic elements such as solid form and linear lines used in the design were to infuse the sense of stability and formality, as well as the metamorphosis of the agile, progressive, and futuristic outlook. For the color scheme, red and white were selected to imply the Indonesian heritage, while neutral colors like dark grey were intended to symbolize steadiness, dignity, and neutrality. 

"Bangsa yang besar adalah bangsa yang menghormati jasa para pahlawannya (a great nation is a nation who honors the services of their heroes).", is one of the most inspirational sayings from Indonesia's founding father, Ir. Soekarno. ⁠

One of the ways to honor the struggles and efforts of our late heroes is to relive their spirits towards a vision - to keep on building Indonesia into a strong-bonded nation that keeps on moving forward. In ALIEN DC, we put the 'Nusantara' word in our N abbreviation to represent how this vision is also an essential priority for us. We want to contribute the minds, skills, and talents of our team not only to complete projects or to fulfill our clients' requests. But also to play our part - through Architecture, Landscape, Interior, and Estates - in building Nusantara. ⁠

As well as this Gesits Flagship Showroom - we hope that through this project, we are also supporting the growth of Indonesia's own talents and technologies, which will lead to many more other innovations to come in the future.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia yang Ke-75!🇮🇩


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