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How To Set Up Your Own Home Workspace

Some people prefer to work from the office because they get to meet their colleagues directly, and some people do because they simply don't feel comfortable working from home. Sometimes it's just not comfortable to work in the dining room, and sometimes working on the bed feels so tiring. Well, our mind and body do need a proper environment to be able to work optimally - even at home, a proper workspace is needed if you want to go full-on with your deadlines. But where should we start? Hereby, we point out six essential steps if you want to start creating your own home office.

1. Find the right spot

The first thing to do of course is to choose the most suitable space in your home to work with. Ideally, it would be a place that does not cross with your family’s daily activities to avoid distractions. However, for some people with small children and less support system, the workspace might need to be set beside the child’s play area. One thing for sure: there has to be a power socket nearby. 2. Let the sunshine in

If it’s possible, choose the place with access to sunlight. Not only would it brighten up the room while saving energy, but it would also liven up the mood and support the mind and body to work more optimally.

3. Put up a proper desk and chair

Some people would think, why should you buy a desk when you have a dining table? While it’s not a wrong statement, if you happen to have an extra budget and space at home, it would be beneficial to suit yourself with a comfortable seat and desk. Working itself is a mind-consuming activity already, and working from home can be a more daunting task. At least your body deserves to be supported properly in this matter. Having an actual work desk also helps to set up a more productive vibe.

4. Set up a neutral background

In the era of daily virtual conference-calls, having a proper background in your home workspace is definitely worth noting. Make sure you don’t have things like a pile of dirty clothes or your teenage years' pictures as your background, as it could distract the people you’re meeting with. Minimalist backgrounds like a bookshelf, wall art, or an empty wall with a peeking pot plant would look neutral yet pleasant enough to look at. These days, having a green screen using a piece of fabric you could purchase at fabric stores would also be useful as it would allow you to use a virtual background seamlessly. 

5. Lightly decorate

It doesn’t mean you’re filling up space with flowers and figurines - keep the desk spacious by not putting too many distractions and a pile of stuff upon it. Just put one or two small things that you consider as personally eye-pleasing. We suggest small potted succulents or other low-maintenance plants like Ruscus leaves. You can also put up a wall decoration, put the cushion with the cover that you like on your chair, or cozy up the floor with a nice rug. It’s just important to remember though, in this case, less is more.

6. Keep it clean and tidy

All of the points above are invalid if you leave this last point away. At the end of the day, the best place to work is a place that is tidy and clean, after all. Wipe the desk right away once you spill some coffee on it, put back the documents that you don’t currently use anymore, vacuum the floor every morning if possible. To work properly, you need to keep your well-being as a priority, and there is no good health in a place where hygiene is not well-maintained. Inspirations image source: Pinterest


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