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World Office Tour #2: Spotify HQ, London

This is Spotify's take on the working during the pandemic thing that they implemented through their London's HQ: The 'Work From Anywhere' policy. It's inevitable that the pandemic has unveiled the reality that most office works, actually, can be done from home - not only that - from anywhere.

Spotify did not simply agree to this fact, instead, they decided to accomodate their employees' preference of working locations, be it at home, the office, or anywhere, by creating an office that actually feels like home, with less conventional workstations, and more flexible areas that can be tricky to define - is it a workstation, a lounge, a breakout space, a meeting room? Because the employees get to decide what to do with the spaces provided, as long as they get their job done.

The Spotify London HQ interior was designed by TP Bennett, a UK-based architecture and interior consulting firm, which similarly has a headquarter in London. In pursuing a home-like office for Spotify, one of the key approach that they did was to install more acoustic elements throughout the office, as a regular home is filled with upholsteries such as curtains, sofas, and carpets, that provides not only comfort and roominess, but also better soundproofing that could secure more of our focus at work.

The office still has regular workstations, obviously, because it still needs to fulfill the demand of the employees who prefer desks over daybeds. They also assign many working spots that has close proximity to windows, as the activities and sceneries outside the window could give an instant refreshment whenever the employees need it while they work.

Not simply because Spotify is a music-tech company, but because they realize how music can affect work environment positively, the office is also incorporated with speakers to play music, usually instrumental, subtle jazz, classical, or chillout, wherever possible. Moreover, in their HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden, Spotify has integrated a system where when an employees arrive, their favourite song will be played automatically.

So, is your company ready to be like Spotify? #WhatsUpALIEN


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