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Designing Lighting For Offices

As good as natural light can be for our wellbeing, a workplace still require a well-designed lighting system for many reasons - from the employees' productivity and creativity to the company's presentable interior design. Although it looks simple, designing interior lighting, especially for workplaces, requires a lot of things to consider and adjust. Not only it has to mind the office aesthetic, but it also needs to acknowledge the impact of the lighting on the employees' physical and psychological health, as well as the environment, by assuring the lighting design is energy-efficient.

With a limited or unlimited budget, a thoughtfully designed office lighting system is always possible to achieve when the designer is committed to putting more effort, time, and thinking into the design process. Out of several sources, we summarized the most essential points to think about in designing office interior lighting in the pictures above. See the pictures in the gallery above to read the details, and go to the referred articles to read the full articles. #LearnWithALIEN

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