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HBR Article: Designing The Hybrid Office

The topic of how companies should adjust their working style to a hybrid office is still trending these days, and more research and articles are added every day. This is a good thing since we ourselves, alongside many companies and organizations out there, can learn from it.

In an article on Harvard Business Review on March-April 2021, titled 'Designing The Hybrid Office', Anne-Laure Fayard, John Weeks, and Mahwesh Khan, explained the three most essential things to consider when designing an office these days. And they are not talking about what materials or design theme to use, but more about one main idea: how to design an office as a cultural space. How to think of an office as a place where social interactions and spontaneous encounters are encouraged, so the people in it could build unstructured creative and collaborative ideas as well as strengthen the office's organizational culture.

Before getting into the three essential considerations, they also explained the three main social functions of an office. It's to see the office not merely as a place to get work done, but as the social anchor, schoolhouse, and collaboration hub for the employees. They encourage all people of a company to interact with each other, crossing different functions and departments because through those random interactions innovative ideas could be made. And knowing that most work functions can be done remotely, it is important to let the employees know that while they already finish their job at home, they need to socialize in the office. It will make them more focused on their job at home and benefit from the social interactions in the office.

Click on each picture to see the visual summary of the article that we made, or go to to read the full article on Harvard Business Review. #LearnWithALIEN


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